Sukhoi 100

Quick Specs

Range2,830 nm
Payload27,000 lbs
OEW000 lbs
MTOW101,000 lbs
Fuel28,957 lbs
Min. Rwy2.000 m

Available Livery Downloads

XP9Payware by Ramzzess


Fokker F100, CRJ-900, Airbus A318

The Sukhoi 100

Hand in hand with the launch of our new website, Freeworld Express gets reintroduced. The second plane for that fleet is the Sukhoi Superjet 100, short SSJ-100. With less than 100 seats but a respectable range it is ideal for further flights with rather small payloads. Due to Ramzzess's great work in making this plane available we added it to the official fleet.

It comes with a very nice fuselage, flexwings and a wonderful 3D cockpit. The flight experience is great. Smooth touch downs, nice flight characteristics and quite a nice panel make this a great choice for anybody who flies on short to medium hauls, preferribly with smaller aircraft.

The level of detail is lower than in the full ERJ-140 version which makes if much more compatible to older systems like G5 PPC Macs or P4 PC systems. The price of about ~15$ is quite a good bargain.

Again its a payware aircraft for which Freeworld offers a repaint pack, yet not the entire plane. If you'd like to fly the plane, please purchase a copy of it at the Store and install the official Freeworld livery from this website.

But please, know that ownership of payware planes is not a need in order to fly for Freeworld Airways. Fly whatever planes you like and own, freeware and payware alike. Buy planes only if you like them and / or want to support the work of the authors.


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