Pilot Ranks at Freeworld Airways

Unlike most virtual airlines Freeworld does not categorize its pilots permissions by their rank. From your first day as a Freeworld Airways pilot you have full access to any route and each aircraft. Fly the way that suits you. It is frustrating enough having to fly routes one doesn't like or is bound to an aircraft type which is just not the right one.

But we too have a rank structure which is meant to represent your experience and knowledge status within in the community. There are two categories of ranks. Ranks which are given by flight experience and certified ranks which require you to pass an examination circle.

The initial rank is Trainee. Its given to new members who are within their trial time. The trial time is two weeks. Within this time we require new members to file at least two flight reports which shows that their interest in Freeworld Airways is not just casual. A trainee should already know all about VFR flights and the IFR basics.

Next there is the First Officers rank. Its given to all members who complete five hours flight time. It stands for full membership and requires pilots to fly once every 60 days. A First Officer should be able to do a IFR flight with an easy to medium SID/STAR.

You reach the rank of Senior First Officer after 50 hours and will be promoted to Captain after 150 hours flight time. As a Senior First Officer gatheres more hours and experience, she/he should be able to fly complex SID/STAR and be able to operate advanced systems/aircraft. Now it is time to add voice communication and learn to do flights with live ATC like IVAO or VATSIM.

As a Captain, well, you should know it all and help other pilots to understand the intricacies of flying.

Certified ranks show that you passed the exam process, therefore fulfill the high knowledge standards of Freeworld. More details and concrete numbers about the rank system and exam process will be published soon.

And what if you already know it all upon joining Freeworld Airways? Well, since we have no restrictions on aircraft or routes, have fun flying and adding up hours.

Rank Title Minimum Hours Rank Image
Trainee 0
First Officer 5
Senior First Officer 50
Captain 150
Senior Captain 500
Senior Captain* 1000