Welcome to Freeworld Airways!

This manual is meant for new pilots who are about to to take their first steps as a Freeworld pilot as well as a reference on how Freeworld works. The first part mainly focuses on how to book and report flights, which is the core of operations for every virtual airline. The second part takes care about ranking and training issues. And the third part is meant to be an odds and ends chapter containing all the things which don't deserve an own chapter.

What is Freeworld Airways?

Freeworld Airways is a virtual airline. We are a community of simulator pilots who share a common interest in aviation. All our operations happen within virtual skies generated by common desktop flight simulators like X-Plane or Microsoft Flight Simulator. Flying for a virtual airline, short VA, offers many advantages like a global route network which suggests destinations you might not think about yourself, a friendly community which is always ready to assist when you experience difficulties or simply the fact that flying in the simulator is much more fun if there is some greater purpose to it than just hopping from A to B.

Joining Freeworld

Freeworld Virtual Airways welcome anyone who is interested in airliner flight simulation and 16 years or older. Membership is free and can be cancelled at any time. To apply for membership, please just click on the big "Join Us" button in the main navigation. A signup form will appear. Instructions and basic Rules and Regulations are shown on that page. Please fill out the form and send it off. Shortly after your successful application a member of Freeworld Airways will check it and usually accept it. Please be do enter your experience with flight simulation and the reason why you wish to join Freeworld Airways in the appropriate fields.


This part is designed to give you an idea of how the basics of Freeworld Airways work. Its ideal to read it when you just joined Freeworld Airways. Here's a little summary of how operations work around here. On the website you can book flights. The information provided allows you to quickly prepare the flight, yet leaves you a lot of things open for you to decide yourself. Once the flight has been completed you come back to the website where you can report it by entering some details about it. Thats it. This way you're filling your logbook, earn awards, etc. But now lets talk about this in a more detailed way.

Booking a flight

Click on Operations (Book & Fly) to see the list of available schedules. The first step towards a successful flight is to book it. You can do that by clicking on the "Book " button in the row of each available schedule. You get a list of all available flight, through which you can browse by using the buttons on the bottom of the page. The search engine on your right allows you to search flights by origin and destination or distances. Once you found the flight you'd like to book, click on its row in the list. This will get you to the detail view of that flight. To make the final booking, click on "Book Schedule". Once this is done the flight is available in your "My Schedule" page available under "Book & Fly". From here you can either cancel your booking or reach the PIREP form which is used for your flight report.

Filing a Flight report

The PIREP form can be found under My Schedule. Once you've finished your flight, report it by coming back to the website, moving to the "My Schedule" Page. Each flight in your list offers you two options, one of which is to report it. Click on that button. This brings up the PIREP form. It asks you to enter all the details about your flight. First enter the amount of passengers and Payload you've loaded. These values are up to you. If you fancy flying a fully loaded aircraft you can do so, just like you can leave most seats empty. Next you select the aircraft you've been using for that flight. Select one from the drop down menu or enter the ICAO code of the aircraft in the input field right of the drop down menu. If you enter something in there this value will be preferred over the drop down menu. If your aircraft has no ICAO code (e.g. prototype) enter ZZZZ and add the name of the aircraft in the notes at the end of the form. You can either fly online on one of three networks or offline. Please select what you did in the next row. For the fuel burn please enter the amount of block fuel at the departure and arrival airport. The next row is for times. Please enter the UTC times (not local!) of your departure and arrival as well as the overall flight time. Enter them with a dot (.) as separator (e.g. 12:05 becomes 12.05). Finally you can leave a note about that flight in your logbook. Once you're report is complete click on the "Send PIREP" Button to complete the process.

Please use the XACARS plug-in with X-Plane, which makes reporting your flight really easy by sending the above data to our server once you shut down your aircraft. Plus you and the other pilots will be able to see your flight progress on our Live Map.

Real-time flying

At Freeworld Airways we have the rule that you to fly each flight in real-time. You are not allowed to slew the time (fast forward). During offline flights you may hit to pause button if there really is no other way to have the aircraft continue its flight - e. g. the autopilot. On IVAO/VATSIM, slewing or pausing the sim is strictly forbidden and you might even get suspended being observed doing so.

Under Construction This manual is not yet complete. More content will follow soon. Thank you for your patience.