FWA Development Status

Sept. 15th 2012 - OK, Summer seems to be over - back to spending a bit more time developing the Freeworld Airways experience!

Spring 2012 - Freeworld Airways Company Video (Aug.: Still proud - wonderful video!)

Earlier this year - Freeworld Airways opened its Italy and USA operations.



The most beautiful Freeworld Airways pilot signatures or (if you prefer) badges are back! And we switch back to pilot call signs instead of the auto-incremeted pilot IDs.

The Freeworld Airways 2011 Restart

Freeworld Airways was founded in 2004 and operated until 2009 just like a charm. At the beginning of 2010 our web site got hacked and we took the site offline for a while and replaced it by a new custom-made Content Management System. Overall, it worked fine, but the staff was not really happy with it.

After two years of tinkering on a be-all and end-all fully integrated and automated hyper-modern Content Management System solution, we decided that it is time to take a shortcut. In November 2011, we took the best parts of the last two years of development implementing it into a ready-made virtual airline administration software named phpVMS. The design looks familiar, the overall functionality will be what you expect from FWA: the mainline, Butterfly, our gorgeous liveries and lots of fancy pictures. I can not give you a time frame for the full conversion to phpVMS, but we already made the first deadline: be up before XP10 is selling.

On December 7th 2011 we launched this web site. Oh yes, it was a beta version, X-Plane style, where we grew your experience by the day. And we are still enhancing design, code and features. This page should give you the idea which direction we take and which functionality you can expect.

If you spot a bug, smile, and report it on our forum at http://forum.freeworld-airways.com or drop us a message. The most important: Have fun flying with Freeworld Airways!

Home Page

Putting it best: the current effort is a bit boring. Before adding stats or info, we have to improve the other pages first (operations, crew room, pilot pages). There won't be a info overload, there will be more pictures of nice FWA jets. Eye candy. Promise.

Operations / Route Network

The charter flights module is up and running. Now you can fly to destinations every where. Yes, you can choose where you fly and do not have to adhere to our route network. Hence, FreeWORLD. Go, explore!

Regarding our scheduled routes, we already fly to major destinations in Europe, North America and Asia. We will keep extending the network for your inspiration...

Add off-/online (IVAO, VATSIM) flight fields to the pirep form. Prrrrronto.
We would like to make the search even better and nice - sorry, no spoilers at this point, we have a nice development going on.

An update of the navigation data is overdue.

Aircraft / Downloads Of Aircraft Liveries, Manuals, Scenery

For nearly every aircraft we allow to fly we have a livery for either payware or freeware. The amount of aircraft we serve is clearly unhealthy - we can not produce all freeware and payware liveries for every aircraft.
On my wish list are definitely freeware liveries for the Boeing 787, Boeing 748, Airbus A380 and Airbus A330.

The web site still needs finishing touches to all paragraphs (alternatives, info about the aircraft) and adding all performance specifications to the table.

Since we recently introduced a new paint scheme for our express fleet, the will be a few more paint jobs to do. The ERJ already wears 2012 Freeworld Express livery.

There are a couple of nice aircraft available, but we will have to see which we add to the fleet later. First we want to make our current fleet consistent.

The XACARS tutorial and the basic airline manual are online (December 2011). The latter needs to be expanded.

Further manuals and scenery will follow at a later point. Apart from a really nice airport scenery which is due out in a couple of weeks we still figuring out a way to organize the links to the available scenery. Wait and see.

Crew Room

Looks pretty by now. We keep refining the pages with our pilot and aircraft statistics.

Pilot Profile

We want you to be able to review all your PIREPs, currently we offer a maximum of 100. I think that should serve most of our pilots for the time being.
Awards will be something for the summer break fall/winter.


We are not sure what to make of this built-in feature of our software. It may show here and there, but we will switch it off and decide later how to use it. Seeing the fuel prices is interesting, although they are calculate using a standard price. I was not able to find a source for up-to-date Jet-A1 prices. Sept 2012: we will drop them. Silly stuff.

How-To Pages, Tutorials

Last, but important - takes the most time... (X)ACARS tutorial and the basic manual are online, more to follow.

Known Issues

  • The navdata contains several fixes (and some VORs) which are way off.
  • Live Map shows flights long after they were finished, places pilots south of Ghana.


Things to do and already done:
  • Development Status Page
  • Home Page: Rebrush
  • Pilot Profile: Rebrush
  • Public PIREP: Rebrush
  • Downloads: Liveries
  • Downloads: More Liveries
  • Downloads: Checked Links
  • Crew Room: Latest Infos, Stats, Live Map
  • (X)Acars: Revise Tutorial
  • Revise The FWA Manual
  • Site Navigation, Header Banner
  • Aircraft: Pics And Models
  • Crew Room: Statistics
  • Downloads: Fokker F100, LFPO
  • Aircraft: Pics, Specs
  • Downloads: ATR 72-500
  • Routes: Italian Network
  • Operations: Search Refinement
  • Downloads: ERJ v2 Livery OK
  • Operations: Long-Haul Routes
  • Docs: Ranks
  • Crew Room: Pilot Stats
  • Database: Transfer Further Data
  • Downloads: CRJ-200
  • Pilots: Call Signs
  • Pilots: Signatures
  • Routes: US Network
  • Secret Project: Company Video
  • Operations: Weather Room
  • Crew Room: Pilot Statistics
  • Operations: Charter Flights
  • Crew Room: Aircraft Statistics
  • Operations: Butterfly
  • Pirep Form: Add Off-/Online Flight Fields
  • Downloads: SSJ-100 v5 Livery, B757 Cargo Liveries
  • Routes: More International Flights
  • Home Page: More Infos, New Pictures
  • Operations: Better Search And Presentation
  • Acars: Enhanced Live Map
  • Awards
  • How-To Pages, Tutorials

The order may change...