Fokker F100

Quick Specs

Range1,700 nm / 3,170 km
Payload24780 lbs
OEW54100 lbs / 24,541 kg
MTOW101,000 lbs / 45,810 kg
Fuel22611 lbs
Min. Rwy5,319 feet / 1,620 m

Available Livery Downloads

XP9 Freeware by Riverie


As an alternative to the Fokker F100 you may choose any 100 seat aircraft. The next choice would smaller aircraft of our express fleet like the old and proven RJ85 (Freeworld livery available) or the Sukhoi SSJ 100. Or in the near future the Airbus A318

The flying Dutchman

With around 230 aircraft worldwide the Fokker 100 may not be the most common aircraft to be seen in the skies, yet its low operational cost, reliability and flexibility make it an excellent choice for short to mid range flights. Designed in the 1980's this aircraft was produced until 1997. At the time of its introduction, it represented a rather new concept of building a low cost 100 seater jet aircraft. It was a success and inspired other companies like Bombardier and Embraer to design and build similar concepts.

Freeworld Airways chose the Fokker 100 not just because of its convincing attributes as a real world aircraft but also because of its excellent support for flight simulators. X-Plane and MSFS pilots alike get access to very well done models which are not just great to look at but also a ton of fun to fly. Support over the years should be guaranteed. Freeware models available for both simulators as well as available payware for MSFS and a developing X-Plane payware allow you to chose your favourite model.

Freeworld Airways

Fokker 100 Airbus A320
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Freeworld Express

ATR 72-500
Embraer 145
Sukhoi SSJ-100
Antonov AN-148

Dash8 400


Piaggio P180
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Boeing 757 Cargo

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