Boeing B787-800

Quick Specs

Range8.200 nm / 15,200 km
Payload113,000 lbs
OEW242,000 lbs / 110,000 kg
MTOW502,500 lbs / 228,000 kg
Fuel224,000 lbs
Min. Rwy9,255 ft

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The Boeing 767 or the Airbus A330

The Boeing B787

Everything starts out with a dream, an idea, a plan. First man dreamt of flying, like the birds he wanted to conquer the skies. Dreamers, crazy people. Then ... we flew, never stopped. Welcome the latest evolution of the age old dream of flying, the Boeing 787-800 dreamliner.

With a range of up to 8200nm it carries a maximum of 250 passengers to almost any destination in the world. Its revolutionary design is possible only through the extensive use of carbon fibre, a light yet extremely resistant material. Its low empty weight combined with new engines make the Dreamliner much more efficient and economical.


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