Our Fleet

Freeworld currently maintains four different fleets. First of all there is the mainline which represents the classic Freeworld Airways. On top there is Freeworld Express, meant for shorter flights with smaller planes. Butterfly is our exclusive charter airline. Skyhauler, the newest addition, is our cargo division.

So whats the difference? Not too much. You can fly a plane of any fleet on any route as long its technically compatible. The division in fleets helps us however to separate different simulators from each other.

Each fleet consists of official planes and unofficial planes. Official planes are fully supported by Freeworld, meaning there are up to date liveries, focused training material and other support for it. Unsupported planes are only partially supported. Most likely that means that we offer liveries for it. Besides these two options you can still take any plane you fancy. Yes ... there is no restriction, chose freely from any plane you have in your collection.

Freeworld Airways

Freeworld Airways is the backbone of our airlines. This fleet represents our globally operating mainline. Consistent of several larger airliners providing space for at least 100 passengers its connecting popular distances.

Its simple goal to provide a realistic and exciting route network connecting the globe is well implemented. Fly in your favorite places, no matter where they are. A balanced selection of short, medium and long haul routes offer flights for any "time budget". Connect London with Amsterdam if you're in a hurry or enjoy a transatlantic flight during a rainy Sunday.

Based on hubs, the network is as realistic as a global network can be. Its also not necessarily covering all the cool places in the world. Keeping it small is one of the main goals of our mainline. Or have you ever seen an airline going to any little airport just because its there?

Freeworld Airways is the first choice for those who wish to do a single flight and don't want to spend too much time planning it. Once booked, our dispatch makes it really easy for you to take off.

Freeworld Express

Freeworld Express is our global short haul carrier, regional pilots find their equipment here. The fleet consists of aircraft usually seating up to max. 100 passengers, usually less. Operating on short and sometimes even medium length routes, it connects destinations lacking enough passengers to fill larger aircraft.
Express is the first choice for those who look for a quick flight, enjoying small airliners. Besides, most routes are within busy control areas so that you can expect full ATC coverage at the usual up times on IVAO or VATSIM. Ideal for regular events.

Just like our mainline its offering routes all over the planet. Most routes are of domestic nature and are to be flown with smaller airliners like the ERJ or the Canadian Regional Jet. Its speciality is clear, connect those places where the mainline doesn't go. Short runways, difficult approaches, exotic places, all that you get when flying for Freeworld Express.
Freeworld Express is not bound to a specific area and can be found in worldwide service.

Freeworld Butterfly

Butterfly opens the gates to corporate aviation for Freeworld pilots. Feel free to leave scheduled routes. A fleet luxurious aircraft awaits you to explore the world your way.

Butterfly operates a small fleet of selected corporate aircraft of different sizes - each a true treat to fly.


Skyhauler is the cargo franchise for Freeworld pilots. Roam the world delivering cargo on time.