Airbus A330-200

Quick Specs

Range7,250 nm
Payload95,500 lbs
OEW264,000 lbs
MTOW530,000 lbs
Fuel139,090 l
Min. Rwy7.280 ft / 2,200 m

Available Livery Downloads

XP9Freeware by XPP via their web site
XP10Freeware by XPP via their web site


Boeing 787, Boeing 767

The Airbus A330-200

Co-developed with the A340 - a shorter version - it entered passenger service in 1994. Initially replacing old trijets, it competes head-to-head with mid to long range Boeing twinjets. When the initially released A330-300 variant began loosing sales to the Boeing 737-300ER, Airbus developed the shorter A330-200.

Freeworld Airways Airbus A330-200

Freeworld Airways Airbus A330-200 at KLGA

Freeworld Airways Airbus A330-200 at YSSY

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