Airbus A320-200

Quick Specs

Range2,850 nm / 5,900 km
Payload45,100 lbs
OEW88,900 lbs / 42,600 kg
MTOW166,449 lbs / 78,000 kg
Fuel42,000 lbs
Min. Rwy6,860 ft / 2,900 m

Available Livery Downloads

XP9Freeware by XPFW, Freeware by QPAC (v1.0)
XP10Payware by JAR
ManualFreeworld Airways A32x Manual


Boeing 737-800 or on less frequented schedules the Fokker F-100.

The Airbus A320

With its introduction in 1987 the Airbus A320 was the first fly-by-wire controlled commercial aircraft. About 2,800 A320s have been build since then - with 2,600 orders pending delivery.

Freeworld Airways Airbus A320 approaching LOWI

Freeworld Airways Airbus A320 over the Alps

Freeworld Airways Airbus A320 sun burst

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