Welcome to the free world

Splendor Bouman, Co founder of Freeworld Airways, hit the spot by saying "There are as many VA's out there as sand at a beach. Freeworld needs to be different". And for difference we are well known. More than six years ago Freeworld Airways was founded as the first X-Plane based virtual airline. A motivated crew built up a great VA following unique concepts. And to us, that's what really makes a VA different, its concept.

Its no secret that Freeworld has undergone ups and downs alike. Great concepts failed due to the lack of manpower, some projects did not go too well, and so on. Yet in the end, our community and the spirit of Freeworld Airways always survived, keeping things together. And here we are, in the best shape since a long time. Returning to old values like being an exclusive X-Plane VA, but also introducing new concepts and standards. Once Freeworld mainly stood for freeware planes and a world wide route network. Still we involve great freeware planes in our fleets, yet the meaning of the name has changed into something much greater: "Be free to discover the world your way!".

Freedom to pilots

One of our key concepts is to to treat each member equally. We don't believe in a restrictive ranking system keeping new members from flying certain planes or routes. Instead the world is open to you, from your first minute spent as a Freeworld pilot.

While other VAs make their ranking system an integral part of their operations, Freeworld ranks play a different role. Ranks reflect experience and expertise. Gaining higher ranks means gaining respect by your fellow pilots. Your rank shows the community who they are dealing with. A new pilot who just signed up? Or does advice come from an experienced training captain?

Worldwide operations

Another great feature of Freeworld Airways is its global spirit. Divided into different airlines having their own fleets and schedules Freeworld is not limited to local operations and exotic destinations are not longer limited to a hand full of long haul pilots. Fly in Australia, Europe or North America on all kinds of routes, there is something for anybody.

Yet there is more. Butterfly, Freeworld's executive division, opens all doors. Pilot executive planes from any origin to any destination worldwide. An opportunity rarely seen in VAs.

Keeping it simple

We don't believe in complicated airline procedures and limitations. Freeworld is not the most realistic VA around. You will find many things which you'd never see in a real airline. Like having a huge fleet (even so its divided into separate airlines) or trainees flying jumbo jets. So to those who seek total realism, no matter what, Freeworld is not their first choice.

Keeping some realism out, keeps a lot of fun in. Its up to you if you'd like to depart from your last destination or just chose another random flight. Its up to you to chose if you'd stick to the planes in the schedule or prefer to fly a model you might be more familiar with. Its up to you to chose the degree of realism in the airline, we just provide you with a framework.

Think free, think global. Freeworld.

Thank you - Splendor, Michael, Francisco and Chris
 -- Your Freeworld Staff Team